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Many do not realize they have alternatives to the big-name cloud providers. CIFNet's performance and technology at a much lower price is an option for your entire cloud infrastructure.


Alexandre T.

Hey CIFNet! have been with you for 15 years and am extremely pleased with the stability of both hardware and connectivity. Suffice it to say that the uptime of virtual machines is approaching 5 years. Continue in the same spirit

Yury B.

Over the past 20 years of my work in the IT field, I have seen and dealt with quite a few hosting companies and I have been a client of CIFNet for 15 years. As you know, over the past 10 years, cloud solutions from industry monsters have become especially popular. There is a lot of marketing buzz around cloud solutions. Surprisingly, all these major players still have to grow and grow before the stability of CIFNet. A simple example, in all these 15 years of our cooperation, only once did CIFNet warn me that the virtual machines would restart. You've had a major platform upgrade. In comparison, one of the leaders in cloud computing send similar notifications every single week. I am absolutely sure that I will continue to store valuable data and do business with CIFNet. In times of change, stability is what we all want!

Dmitri Dubograev, CEO,

How do you know if the e-mail web hosting services you are using are good? That they always work and everything works seamlessly? No, that's virtually impossible. You know it's the right company by how quickly they act when there is a problem. So, if you want a problem-free life - keep dreaming. If you want your problems, at least with regard to e-mail web hosting services to be solved quickly - use CIFNet! Like we do and rely on them like we rely on oxygen for over 20 years!